The highest in the north

local phone icon 039 455 120 – Reception daily from 10:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m 

m high up

… the highest peak
in northern Germany

km visibility

… in good weather
bis Kahler Asten (NRW)


… with observation deck in the 8th Floor

large halls

… for events and gastronomy


… Hotel operation from Brockenwirt

Blick vom Brocken

The Harz

discover from above

From the Brockenhotel, the highest hotel in the north of Germany, you have a unique view over the Harz with good visibility.

Recharge your batteries, hike and relax in a quiet place – who wouldn’t want that? And that’s where you succeed. Combine rustic, unique nature with friendly hospitality.

Stay at

at the highest level

The Brockenhotel is the only hotel located directly in the Harz National Park. Enjoy views of nature and the mountainous landscape of the Harz Mountains from the comfort of your room. An overnight stay on the highest mountain in northern Germany is always a very special experience.

Zimmer im Brockenhotel

Gastronomy at the Brockenhotel

 Tourist Hall & Beer Garden

Tower Café & Goethesaal

The Tower Café Hexenklause (in the 7th floor in the Brockenhotel), the tourist hall (on the ground floor) and the Goethesaal (1st floor). Floor, for events and tour groups – by appointment) invite you. You can use the fast food as a hiker or dine well as a hotel guest.