Brocken und Harzregion

The northernmost German low mountain range has a lot to offer

Webcams on the Brocken

Are you planning a chunk hike and are interested in how the weather will be? Get a live picture of the current conditions on the highest mountain in northern Germany.

Mountain View

View to the highest point

Mountain View

View to Wernigerode

The Brocken – Unique mountain with rare flora

The highest Harz summit attracts more than one million visitors a year

“The Brocken – at 1142 m above sea level the highest mountain in the Harz – is the only elevation in the German middle mountain region that has a natural forest boundary. The extremely harsh climate and an exposed position exposed to the winds prevent the formation of a closed forest on the plateau.

From about 1,100 m above sea level (depending on the exposure) the forest-free zone begins on the Brocken. Such a natural forest boundary is unique for German low mountain ranges. Even below it, the spruce in the so-called “combat zone” has difficult growing conditions. The ancient tree figures, only a few meters in size, testify to the hardness of this environment…”

( Quote National Park Resin )

Impressions from the Brocken region – just click on it!
The Brockengarten with a large display section offers space for around 1600 plant species from the high mountains of the world. Here, alpine gentians grow as well as plant species from the high mountains of Asia and America – to be visited right next to the Brockenhotel. From May to the end of June, the Brockenanemone blooms and covers the summit in a white-yellow sea of flowers. Due to the extremely harsh climate and a position exposed to the winds, the forest-free zone starts from about 1,100 m above sea level.
The chunk offers “… in fine weather a great panoramic view over an area as big as Switzerland – at least theoretically. On more than 300 days, clouds cover the mountain for hours, so good visibility is rare.” The Brocken is a place of extreme weather conditions. Due to the short summer and very long winters, the many months with closed snow cover, the severe storms and low temperatures even in summer, the climate on the Brocken corresponds to an alpine location at an altitude of 2,500 m or is comparable to the climate of Iceland.
Because of its exposed location, the Brocken was also used for military purposes. For 28 years it was – politically – the only unclimbable mountain in the world. An original segment of the Brockenmauer and numerous interesting exhibition objects (in the Brockenhaus) recall the time when the chunk was not accessible to everyone. In the Brockenhaus next to the Brockenhotel you will learn more about the eventful history of the highest mountain in Central Germany.
Schierke am Brocken
Schierke – air spa and winter sports ground – is located 600 m above sea level. D. M. right at the foot of the 1142 m high Brocken and offers ideal conditions for a wide range of activities in nature. Let yourself be enchanted by the wild romantic landscape and the myths and legends of the Harz. Granite blocks, impressive rock cliffs, such as the Schnarcher, Feuerstein and Ahrensklinter cliffs, inspired Goethe and others. to the Walpurgisnacht scene in Faust.  A unique experience is a ride on the Brockenbahn. With an incline of 1:30, the track winds from Drei Annen Hohne via Schierke up to the Brocken. Brocken station is reached at 1130 m altitude.  To Walpurgis (30. April) is celebrated in Schierke every year. Thousands of onlookers watch the spectacle of witch-hunting and devilish delusion in the spa park. The festival ends with the dance in May and great fireworks.